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Jun 17

2-Day Diabetes Diet Cookbook

2-Day Diabetes Diet Cookbook: Diet Just 2 Days a Week and Dodge Type 2 Diabetes  A diagnosis of diabetes can be overwhelming and frightening, The book will include:A 2-week day-by-day meal plan that lays out sample Power Burn and Nourishment days More than 60 meal options, including restaurant and frozen food options, so you can customize …

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Jun 10

Schüssler Salts/Cell Salts

Schüssler Salts are also called Cell Salts or Mineral Salts. They help to regulate the balance of Mineral Salts within the  cells of the body. Mineral salts are small constituents of our cells, but nonetheless essential for their functioning. A deficiency or an imbalance of these vital minerals can lead to cell or even organ …

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Jun 05

Walking after a Stroke

Foam Soles

Walking after a stroke can be a difficult undertaking. A pilot study has found, that patients who wore an insole under the heel on their unaffected side (while they received standard physical therapy) increased their walking speed by 30% and could bear more weight on their weakened side after only 2 weeks, a big improvement …

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Jun 04

Family Vacation Ideas

Dog Sledding

Family Vacation Ideas Dog Sledding  In Jefferson, New Hampshire you can go for a ride any time of the year. In the winter  with a sled and if there is no snow, they use sleds with wheels. At Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel , guides encourage families with kids ages 2 and up to interact with …

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Jun 04

Clean Your Faucet

Water faucet with calcium deposits

Clean Your Faucet Is your water faucet all grimy and has calcium deposits on it? Clean your faucet  with this simple, inexpensive  and environmentally friendly option. Take a plastic bag, fill it with vinegar and attach it to your faucet with a rubber  band or string. Let it sit for a couple of hours or …

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Jun 04

Protect Your Cast Iron Furniture

Cast Iron Furniture

Protect Your Cast Iron Furniture from Rust You have this great set of Cast Iron Furniture and you don’t want it to rust! Use furniture polish on your chairs, tables, benches and whatever other outdoor cast iron items you have.                   Apply every couple of weeks, water …

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Jun 04

Do You have a Crooked Body?

       Do You have a Crooked Body? You might think that you are perfectly symmetrical when you look into a mirror! To find out if this is actually the case, try these self tests! Calibrate 2 scales so they match, and put them next to each other. Stand with one foot on each …

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