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Nov 08

Vacation Idea for Families

Neuschwanstein im Herbst

Vacation Idea for Families Healthy Living also means taking a time out, relaxing and taking a vacation. All families need to get away once in a while, and Disneyland and Disney World are on top of the list for a lot of kids. But how would they like to see the “Real” Castle? Neuschwanstein Castle  in …

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Nov 03

Weak Foot Dorsiflexion: Walking after a Stroke

Weak Foot Dorsiflexion: Walking after a  Stroke You recognize some patients who had a stroke right away, they have difficulty walking. They have to pull up one of there legs really high so they don’t trip over their foot, which is not lifted properly. The condition is called foot drop,  or sometimes drop foot. It …

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Nov 02

Diabetic Breakfast Recipes

  Alliance Health Diabetic Breakfast Recipes 20 delicious recipes will wake up your taste buds and cut carbs too! Made with breakfast-time favorites like ham, eggs, fresh fruit, and sausage Low carb counts that easily fit your meal plan Variety you’ll love — something for every taste

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