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Feb 26

Home Essentials


Feb 14

Ceramic Neti Pot -Sinus Rinse

Ceramic Neti Pot – Nettie the Elephant Spring is on it’s way and so is Allergy season. Have you tried a Neti Pot yet? Nettie the Elephant Ceramic Neti Pot is made from lead-free ceramic, is elegantly designed, comfortable to hold and most importantly, effective at rinsing pollen, dander and other allergens from your sinuses. …

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Feb 10

Beautiful Legs

 Beautiful Legs , Healthy Legs! The leaves of the red grapevine (Vitis vinifera) are among the Färberrebe, a very old wine variety. Both the fruits of this vine, and the leaves are distinguished by the high number of red dyes. This variety is still grown in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. The Red Vine …

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Feb 10

Household Items as Substitutes

Household Items Substitudes

Household Items as Substitutes Use common Household Items as Substitutes for cleaning, personal and medicinal care.

Feb 09

Make Your Own Natural Cleaning Products

Household Cleaners

Make Your Own Natural Cleaning Products Make your own natural cleaning products with items you already have in your home or are very inexpensive to buy. You will know exactly what is in your cleaner since you are using all natural ingredients, you will avoid chemicals and also safe money in the process! Glass Cleaner Combine …

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