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Jan 31

Bread Tag Color Code

What is the Bread Tag Color Code? The Bread Tag Color Code of the tags show what day the bread was delivered to the store, since it is delivered fresh, it’s usually also the day it was baked. The  code is easy to remember, it’s in alphabetical order, blue-green-red-white-yellow for Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday. Some companies might have their own …

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Jan 19

Your Inner Clock and Biorhythm

Your Inner Clock and Biorhythm   Waking up early on a weekend when you were planning on sleeping in? It’s because of your inner clock, which is set by the day and night cycle, and it does not know you want to sleep longer! Your rhythm determines when you get tired, heart rate, breathing, body …

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Jan 07

BOGO Diapers

BOGO Diapers

Aug 31

Spaghetti Ice Cream Dessert

Spaghetti Ice Cream

Spaghetti Ice Cream Looking for something different for a yummy dessert? Try Spaghetti Ice Cream! It is made with Vanilla Ice Cream, homemade Whipping Cream, Strawberry Sauce and White Chocolate! Check out the Website, it  has all the resources you need, instructions, recipes and an “How to Video”! Visit the website at  Watch the …

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Jun 04

Sunburn and SPF, UPF, UVA and UVB

Protect Your Skin from a Sunburn Did you ever hear people say: ” I can’t tan, I have to burn first ?”  Well, I have seen plenty of lobsters out there, and you really don’t need to look like one, to tan. A friend of mine, a red head, notorious for sunburns, goes on a …

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Mar 22



Passionflower The Passionflower is a natural remedy for anxiety and insomnia. This plant is native to southeast America, but is also grown in Europe now. It is available in various forms, Infusions, Teas, Liquid Extracts, Tinctures and Capsules. Studies of people with generalized anxiety disorder show that passionflower was as effective as some chemical drugs in treating symptoms. …

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Feb 28

Loose Weight by eating Soups


Loose Weight by eating Soups! Soup is a comfort food, makes you think of Grandma’s Home Cooking and even helps you get over a cold! There is nothing like a pot of Chicken Noodle Soup to make you feel better. But Soup is more than that! It can actually help you loose weight. A 2014 …

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