Boost Energy with Schüssler Salts/Cell Salts

salt 5Boost  Energy with Schüssler Salts/Cell Salts

Schüssler Salts/Cell Salts are an excellent source to use, if you want to boost  energy.
They bring your muscles, brain and nerves in gear.

Take 6 tablets of each of these salts, You can pop them under the tongue or dissolve them in water.



  • Calcium Phosphoricum  (Schüssler Salt 2) in the morning 

    Kalium Phosphoricum  (Schüssler Salt 5) at noon

    Magnesium Phosphoricum (Schüssler Salt 7)


Remember that Schüssler Salts might have a different number  than other manufacturers of a cell salts do. Always double check the name of the cell salt.

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