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Oct 16

Winter Emergencies

Snow Shoveling

Winter Emergencies  Do you live in a cold climate? Here are a few tricks for winter emergencies that make your life a little easier. Need to leave and your car lock is frozen? Have a lighter handy, hold it’s flame to your key for a few seconds and then unlock your car! Spray your shovel with nonstick …

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Sep 09

Aluminum Foil Container

Alu foil

I have used Aluminum Foil for decades and never paid attention to this fact! The wrap container, the aluminium foil comes in, has a neat little feature. There are perforations on the sides of the container called end locks. When you push them in, they keep the roll secure inside of  the box. When you …

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Jan 31

Bread Tag Color Code

What is the Bread Tag Color Code? The Bread Tag Color Code of the tags show what day the bread was delivered to the store, since it is delivered fresh, it’s usually also the day it was baked. The  code is easy to remember, it’s in alphabetical order, blue-green-red-white-yellow for Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday. Some companies might have their own …

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Aug 31

Spaghetti Ice Cream Dessert

Spaghetti Ice Cream

Spaghetti Ice Cream Looking for something different for a yummy dessert? Try Spaghetti Ice Cream! It is made with Vanilla Ice Cream, homemade Whipping Cream, Strawberry Sauce and White Chocolate! Check out the Website, it  has all the resources you need, instructions, recipes and an “How to Video”! Visit the website at  Watch the …

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Oct 19

Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt Do you love Greek Yogurt? It is wonderful to eat as a snack or use for cooking in various recipes. Greek Yogurt is also lower in sugar than regular yogurt. A very nice “side affect” of Yoghurt is the effect it has on your belly! If you have been struggling with bloating and your pants …

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Sep 15

How to Get Great Sleep! Practical Tips Video

How to Get Great Sleep! Practical Tips Video Summary of Tips in the Video Try a healthy snack or warm drink, but avoid caffeine late in the day Aim for at least 20 minutes of daily activity Take a relaxing bath two hours before bedtime Adjust room temperature, bedclothes, or duvet type Reduce lighting, switch off …

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Jul 25

Homeowner Help Guide

foam gasket

Homeowner Help Guide As a Homeowner, you want to make sure your Home is in Tip Top shape and also safe some money! Heating and Cooling Cost Electrical Outlets can be a major source of heat loss. Take a candle and hold it close to outlets on a windy day, if it flickers, you know …

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