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Apr 08

Survival Tools

Tuna Lamp

You are in an Emergency Substitution and need Survival Tools? Here a 3 quick fixes! Tuna Emergency Light There is a power outage and you need a light! Stab a small hole in the top of a Oil packed Tuna can. Roll a 2 x 5 piece of newspaper into a wick. Stick the wick …

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Feb 10

Household Items as Substitutes

Household Items Substitudes

Household Items as Substitutes Use common Household Items as Substitutes for cleaning, personal and medicinal care.

Jan 16

Reisen mit Rollstuhl

Rollstuhl am Strand

Reisen mit Rollstuhl Tobias Streitfert  und seine Schwester Verena reisten um die Welt! Tobias ist Rollstuhlfahrer und war auf die Hilfe seiner Schwester angewiesen. Ihre Erfahrungen haben sie dazu bewogen die Website oder   in die Welt zu rufen. Hier finden sie Aktivitaeten die fuer Rollstuhlfahrer geeignet sind, sowohl Hotels, Restaurants und vieles mehr. Tobias …

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Dec 10

Earbags and Hearing Aids


Earbags and Hearing Aids Most people using a hearing aid experience disturbing noise when being in windy conditions, i.e. in gust, when biking, in boats etc. By covering ears and hearing aid with Earbags the wind noise is almost completely eliminated by reducing the flow-induced noise. At the same time no background sound is taken …

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Dec 04

Floss Your Teeth after You Brush

Toothbrush with Toothpaste

Floss after You brush Should You floss or brush first? Some dentists recommend to brush your teeth thoroughly with your toothbrush. Once you have removed the large pieces of food – floss! Make a C shape around your tooth with the floss and gently move it up and down to remove tiny particles and bacteria …

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Nov 18

Huggies Diapers

Huggies Diapers Check this offer and get your very own Huggies Diapers Supply

Nov 18

Flu Shots

Flu Shot

Flu Shots Flu shots are one way to prevent getting the Flu, but they are only 50 to 70 % effective. Exercising before or after getting the shot though, may prime your immune system to produce more infection fighting antibodies. In an Iowa State University Study, students who biked or jogged at a moderate pace …

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