Do You have a Crooked Body?

Crooked Body before and after Treatment       Do You have a Crooked Body?
You might think that you are perfectly symmetrical when you look into a mirror! To find out if this is actually the case, try these self tests!
Calibrate 2 scales so they match, and put them next to each other. Stand with one foot on each scale, as straight as possible. Now check the numbers on the scale, if they are within 1-3 pounds of each other, your body is relatively balanced.
If the difference is between 3-5 pounds consider it a warning, repeat the test in a couple of days to see if you get the same result.
A difference of more then 5 pounds, you may have an imbalance and might want to consult a specialist.
People tend to lean more toward their shorter side, an imbalance could mean your posture is wrong, one foot has a flatter arch than the other one, you have curvature of the spine or one leg is shorter than the other one.
Seeing a Rolfing Specialist, Podiatrist, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist or other Specialist can address the imbalance. Exercise, Orthotics and Adjustments or other means, could prevent future problems and pain.


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