Detox with Schüssler Salts/Cell Salts

Detox Your Body

Salt 6The days are getting longer again, Spring is on it’s way soon.
We tend to eat more fatty foods during winter, have more snacks and maybe a little more alcohol, so it’s time to Detox Your Body and get it back into top shape!
The right combination of Schüssler Salts or Cell Salts, support the process and kick Your Metabolism in gear.
You will feel better, have more energy and improve the look of your skin. You will also support your body’s self healing power.
These are the Salts you need:

  • Natrium Sulfuricum D6  (Schüssler Salt 10)

  • Kalium Sulfuricum D6 ( Schüssler Salt 6)

  •  Calcium Sulfuricum D6 (Schüssler Salt 12)

Start in the morning with Natrium Sulfuricum, it helps get rid of excess water and supports bowel function.
At noon, it’s time for Kalium Sulfuricum, which fights chronic infections and regenerates the skin.
Calcium Sulfuricum gets taken in the evening. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and supports the growth of cells. It helps to regenerate the 
mucous membranes and supports bowel function. It also gets your Metabolism going.

How do you take the Salts?

Its recommended to dissolve 3 tablets in hot water and drink it, one swallow at a time. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to help get rid of toxins.
If you are not able to dissolve the tablets in water because you are out and about, take them with you and dissolve 2 tables under your tongue. 

Remember that Schüssler Salts might have a different number  than other manufacturers of cell salts do.
Always double check the name of the cell salt.


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