Flying used to be Fun

Flying used to be Fun

Plane take offFlying used to be fun! You pack your bags, go the airport, hop on the plane, and off you go up into the blue sky.
You didn’t really have to weigh your luggage because it most likely did not weigh more than 70 pounds.

You could throw your shampoo in your carry on and also the bottle of Wine you were bringing along for a present.

While you were waiting for your flight, you could drink the water, or whatever else you might have brought along, and did not pay an arm and a leg for.

But times have changed! Some of the changes were necessary to insure our safety and might be annoying, but we get, that they are here for our own protection!

Other changes are just plain annoying and a way for airlines to make extra money. You have to pay for checked bags now, on flights within the United States.
So of course,nobody wants to check a bag anymore. Passengers walk on the plane with 2 bags, since you can take a carry on and a personal item, and put them both in the overhead. If there is no room by their seat, they just use the overhead space farther back on the plane. By the time the last people (usually Zone 5) come on board, there is no room left for their bags.The bags have to get checked anyway.
Since passengers are told to pack items they need, like medications, in their carry on, they now have to dig through their bag to find it, and take it out .
Also, I have gotten items broken in my carry on because of the way the bag got handled.  Boarding takes forever,because passengers look for a spot for their bag. If bags could still be checked, passengers could just walk on the plane and sit down!

Suitcases could weigh 70 pounds in the past, now it’s only 50 pounds. You were allowed to take 2 suitcases on an oversea flight, now it is only one.Of course you can always pay for it!
Some airlines charge $25.00 for a bag and some $100.00! 50 pounds is not a lot of weight, especially in the winter time when you need heavier clothing and shoes.

Food is another thing! We all fondly remember the times we got peanuts on a flight! Those times are over,too. You only get food on an overseas flight. Even when you fly for 8 hours, you don’t get food anymore, but of course you can buy it.

One last thing,everybody has to take their shoes off and stand on the “Footprints” for a full body scan
Did anybody think about catching athlete’s foot from those things? A lot of people are barefoot and I have not seen anybody cleaning or sanitizing!

I still fly now and then, but it is not what it used to be!


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