gfruit 100% Natural Graviola

gfruit 100% Natural Graviola
GFruit is the only way to have a prime quality Graviola fruit anytime, anywhere. This amazing fruit combines health benefits and great taste.
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gfruit 100% Natural Fruit

Each GFruit jar contains approximately two pounds of prime quality Graviola fruit – all but the skin of the fruit. The company oversees the entire work cycle, including rigorous quality control. Neither sugar, nor food colorants are added in the process. It is mixed with water for moisture and vacuum sealed for freshness. That’s why it tastes exactly as the ripe fruit from the tree. GFruit is vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free.

Naturally, fruits and vegetables are crucial to our healthy lifestyle. GFruit is rich in potassium and blessed with various vitamins, while being easy on calories and carbs.  The fruits used to produce GFruit represent decades-old legacy of cultivated orchards. The product is a rare synthesis of a unique taste and a versatile organic build, which contributes to processes of rejuvenation and healing. Graviola has an extensive history of various therapeutic uses in its native lands. Believed to benefit the immune system, promote a healthy digestion and serve as an anti-inflammatory remedy, Graviola is trusted and used by countless generations.


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