Sep 26

GRIN Real Nature Brings You GFruit, A New, Refined Way to Eat Power-Packed Tropical Fruit Graviola a.k.a. Guan

(PRWEB) September 26, 2014

GRIN Real Nature is a collection of forward thinking talent. The team is zoomed in on sourcing unique and high quality produce, virtually unavailable even in the reality of a globalizing market space. And that’s precisely the facts behind the successful debut of GFruit.


The History


Acknowledged by mainstream medical authorities, Graviola has an extensive history of various therapeutic uses in its native lands. Believed to benefit the immune system, promote a healthy digestion and serve as an anti-inflammatory remedy, Graviola is trusted and used by countless generations.


The Process


The fruits used to produce GFruit represent decades-old cultivated orchards. A sufficiently mature tree gives only one emerald-green giant annually. As a rule, after passing quality control, approximately two pounds of healthy insides of the fruit settles in the glass jar. Graviola fruit is well-known for being a source of vitamin C, B and other essential nutrients, which contribute to processes of rejuvenation and healing. An innovative way of preserving the fruit allows for otherwise impossible distant travel, while protecting original flavor and beneficial properties. The product now ships internationally.


Today GRIN Real Nature proudly serves both of the Americas. Furthermore, the unique flavor and benefits of Graviola are sought-after in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Russia, India and many other countries. The company is rapidly expanding its footprint online, as well as in retail locations, including independent stores.


The Future

Following time-honored traditional uses of Graviola, the company is about to release a line of herbal teas as well as capsules.


For store locations as well as for more information please visit:


or email at info(at)grinrealnature(dot)com


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