The Healing Power of Onions

The Healing Power of OnionsOnion

Onions have been used not only for cooking, but also as a home remedy for thousands of years. Because of it’s many healing powers, the Onion is considered a Natural Antibiotic.

Onion Syrup for Cough and Cold


Peel and slice 2 large Onions and  cook with 1 tbsp Honey in 200 ml water until thickened. Strain while mixture is still warm, add another Tbsp of Honey.
Take 1 tbsp several times throughout the day.

                                                                          Onion Wine

Puree 6 Onions, add 100 gr of Honey and 1 liter of White Wine. Let sit for 5 days, then take 3 tbsp daily for a month. It has the effect of a Water Pill, gets your Metabolism going and  protects your Heart.

Onion Paste

Mix chopped onions with a little water until a paste forms. Apply the Paste  to Hemorrhoids and Abscesses.


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