How to help your Back Ache


How to help your Back Ache


All too often, people who don’t feel well, reach for a pill to treat their symptoms. But what is the best way to help your back ache?

Popping a pill just treats the symptom ! We need to get to the root of the problem. Your back hurts and you take pain medication, but why does your back hurt ? It might not have anything to do with your back at all ! You might be one of the girls , that have a heavy bag hanging on your shoulder, you compensate by pulling your shoulder up, that gets your back out of whack and you’ll eventually get a back ache. The same is true for school children, they should have a backpack and not carry their books in their arms.

Headaches can be caused by tension in your shoulders, your back ache could be caused by your knee and so on. A lot of people are not aware of the fact, that one of their legs is shorter than the other one. Take a look in a full size mirror, are your shoulders even or do you pull one up higher than the other one?

How do you walk ? Do you place your feet straight, like you are walking on a straight line, or do you walk pigeon toed or with your toes pointing outward? That will put extra strain on your joints and eventually cause knee problems, which will lead to back problems.
Women who wear  high heels a lot can also develop problems, starting with the feet, knees and so on.

Moms put a lot of abuse on their bodies, carrying babies around, a lot of times on their hip. They are always bending down to pick up their toddlers or put them back down.Moms are moving their babies to their cribs when they fall asleep in their arms or on the couch, and try to do this without waking them up! Add picking up toys all day, laundry baskets and baby strollers and your back takes a beating!

The infant car seats that are used now, are great for the Baby! They are heavier though and bigger, and they don’t let you walk straight when you carry them. Now you have to take out the baby and the car seat, plus a heavy diaper bag !

No wonder , Moms and Dads have backaches !

Be aware on how you pick up heavy items, use your knees and not your back! In other words, DO NOT bend over to pick something up. Bend your knees and keep your back straight, have the item as close to the body as possible and pick it up by straightening your knees. If you are picking up an item with another person, be sure you pick up, and especially put the object back down, at the same time.

Rolfing looks at the whole body to determine the cause of your ailment. It can be very helpful, to keep your back healthy and pain free, without taking any medications. Look for therapists in your area.

Chiropractors are also very helpful, they help keep you aligned and are especially helpful after an injury or a “wrong move”.

Massages will keep your muscles relaxed and in top shape so they can perform their job of keeping you fit and pain free.


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