Homeowner Help Guide

Homeowner Help Guide

As a Homeowner, you want to make sure your Home is in Tip Top shape and also safe some money!

Heating and Cooling Cost

foam gasketElectrical Outlets can be a major source of heat loss. Take a candle and hold it close to outlets on a windy day, if it flickers, you know you have air coming in or going out. You can do this around your windows, also.
Foam Gaskets are cheap and easy to install. Take off the outlet box cover plate, stick the gasket over the box and screw the plate back on!

                                        Ceiling Fan

A fan increases the evaporation from your skin and thus helps you stay comfortable at a higher temperature. You can set your thermostat at a higher  setting and save on air conditioning cost.


Stop Leaks under Doors

Use the candle  trick around your door and also check for day light visible from the inside,or light visible from the outside when it is dark out.
Most thresholds adjust up or down with a screwdriver. Turn all the screws until the door opens without much drag and the draft is eliminated.

                          Gaps under Sinkspipe

Pull back the metal plates where pipes enter the house on exterior walls. If you see a gap, cold air is coming in! Get a can of expanding foam and seal those gaps! Shake the can and squirt the foam around the pipes, no need to completely fill the gaps, since the foam expands!


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