Nail Polish Remover

                Nail Polish Remover

Nail Polish RemoverThings you never knew You could use your Nail Polish Remover for:

  • Clean a keyboard
    Moisten a Q-tip and gently clean the keys of your keyboard.
  • Stains on China
    Remove Coffee or Tea Stains by soaking an old cloth and dabbing the stains, avoid decorative patterns since they could be ruined. Rinse with soap and water.
  • Stains and Spots on Floors
    Pour on paper towel and wipe away shoe marks on tile, laminate and concrete floors. Do not use on wood!
  • Shine shoes
    Wipe shoes with a saturated paper towel until any scuffs and stains disappear. Use a damp cloth to remove nail polish residue.
  • Superglue on Skin?
    Soak a cotton swab and rub on sticky areas. Rinse with soap and water.
  • Remove Permanent Ink
    Remove ink stains from hands and walls by blotting the stains away with a soaked cotton ball.
  • Clean Razors
    Acetone is a disinfectant, dip your razor in nail polish to sanitize it.
  • Bathtub Ring
    Dilute Nail Polish Remover with water and use it with a stiff brush to remove bathtub rings and shower sum stains.


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