People who live in the Mediterranean  eat lots of fresh Fruits ,Vegetables and Herbs!  You can grow Herbs  yourself in a pot by your kitchen window!
Eat as many different coloured Fruits and Vegetables  as possible, they all offer different advantages.
Avoid sugar, it’s like a fertilizer for cancer cells.
Learn how to eat healthy to avoid and fight diseases like Cancer with this Cookbook by Conner Middleman-Whitney. A cancer survivor herself who lived in the South of France for 11 years, she knows what she is talking about.

There is also a German version, “Appetit auf Leben”.


Oil Pulling

Oil PullingOil pulling, a  daily Detoxification for Dental and Oral Health

Oil pulling is a straightforward method for daily detoxification. Especially for dental and oral health, Oil Pulling has  very positive benefits.
It helps against bleeding gums and bad breath, strengthens loose teeth, reduces plaque, fights tooth decay and whitens teeth.
Traditionally,  Oil Pulling  is also  a part of holistic treatment of many other diseases. Success stories with Oil Pulling exist for numerous ailments – from Arthritis to Migraines and even heart diseases!
Learn with us step by step how the Oil Pulling is performed.

If you wear dentures, you should pull them out before the following application.

Take a tablespoon organic sesame oil, organic coconut oil or organic sunflower oil in your mouth. Do this in the morning immediately after getting up and on an empty stomach. Do not drink anything,not even water before Oil Pulling.

If periodontal disease, fungal problems or other infections  exist in the mouth area, add  a drop of grapefruit seed extract to the oil.

Now rinse with the oil for about 15 to 20 minutes,  back and forth in the mouth. Keep the oil in your mouth in motion.  Slurp and suck it back and through your teeth.

In between, you can always take a break, in which the oil can just sit in your mouth and work.

DO NOT GARGLE! Please make sure that you do not swallow any of the liquid, as it contains toxins and bacteria that you want to get rid of.

If you are experiencing a kind of muscle spasm – possibly due to the acidity of your cheek and jaw muscles – you are performing this step with too much ambition and effort. Try to tackle the Oil Pulling more relaxed and less vigorous.

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Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Review

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Review

Denver, CO (PRWEB) February 28, 2014

According to, multiple sclerosis is a condition that can be developed by any individual.

The disease is formed when the immune system attacks the protective sheath that covers the nerves.

A series of remedies can be recommended to patients dealing with this condition.

Still, the creator of the Multiple Sclerosis Treatment program reveals that all these remedies are ineffective, as they do not target the real cause of this disease.

Consequently, patients are going to deal with symptoms such as weakness, numbness, but also double vision, pain, fatigue and dizziness. Tremor and lack of coordination, as well as slurred speech, can also be symptoms of MS.

Such symptoms are extremely difficult to live with, so patients require a treatment to overcome them.


Gary M. Levin is a medical researcher who spent years studying this condition, until he discovered the unique healing formula presented in the Multiple Sclerosis Treatment program.

The new program can be accessed by patients in a complex eBook. This method reveals that multiple sclerosis actually is an autoimmune condition.

This means that the only way to cure it is by repairing the damaged immune system. This actually is the idea on which Gary M. Levins entire program is based.

The program created by Dr. Gary M. Levin is extremely simple to understand and implement. In his guide, users will find a step by step method to MS cure.

The healing process is not complicated at all. Patients need to make some simple lifestyle changes, while using certain powerful supplements that Levin reveals in his guide.

Strengthening the immune system remains the most important step to the cure.

The Multiple Sclerosis Treatment review on indicates that both diet and physical exercises are important in the treatment of MS. However, patients should not expect for the permanent cure to be achieved overnight.

Even though this is a highly effective program, patients will have to implement it correctly to achieve the much wanted results. The remarkable program features a money back guarantee, which proves its efficiency, making the new method free of all risks.



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