The Perfect Time!

The Perfect Time!

Apple ClockThere is a perfect time for the activities you do, some things are better done in the morning and some things might be easier or more productive, if you do them later in the day.


8:30am Make a Decision
Your best decisions are made right after wake up. Your mind is fresh and not
fatigued yet, later you might make a quick or “easier” decision.
9:30am Update Your Blog
Most Web Surfers check their favorite sites before 10 am, to maximize the
traffic to your blog or site, post right after breakfast.
10:00am Take an Aspirin
Mornings are the most common time for a Heart Attack or a Migraine, an Aspirin could ward off pain or even save your life.
11:00am Send an E-Mail
People are more likely to read their e-mails shortly before their lunch break,
that puts your message on the top of the list.
1:00pm Watch or read something funny
Your mood is the lowest early in the afternoon, watch a funny You Tube
Video or read some jokes and chase away that blues with a hardy laugh!
2:00pm Take a Power Nap
This is the best time for a nap to combat that post lunch slump. Your body
temperature starts to drop just like it does at night, a 10 minute power nap
is the most effective way to get over it.
4:00pm Tweet
If you are into tweeting, do it between 3pm and midnight if you want your
tweet retweeted, 4pm – 5pm is the peak time!
4:30pm Hand-Eye Coordination Chores
Hand-Eye Coordination is highest around 4-5pm, so do things that require
a little skill in that department at that time.
5:00pm Exercise
Your body temperature is highest between 5 and 6pm. You have more stamina
and your workout will be more effective.
9:00pm Sell on eBay
According to eBay users, the best time to end an auction is at 9pm EST
most people tend to surf the web at that time.
10:00 pm Solve a problem
You do your best creative thinking when you are tired and just let your mind
wander! Then when you get up in the morning, you can make a decision!


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