Survival Tools

You are in an Emergency Substitution and need Survival Tools?
Here a 3 quick fixes!

Tuna Lamp

Tuna Emergency Light

There is a power outage and you need a light! Stab a small hole in the top of a Oil packed Tuna can. Roll a 2 x 5 piece of newspaper into a wick. Stick the wick into the hole, leaving a half inch exposed. Wait a few seconds to allow the newspaper to absorb the the oil in the can, then light it with a match. Your new Oil Lamp will burn for almost 2 hours! Added bonus, you can sill eat the Tuna!

Bra Mask

You are in a fire and the air gets smoky! Cover your face with a bra cup to keep harmful smoke and debris from entering your lungs. The bra cup fits over your nose and mouth and you can tie it around your head so you can still use your hands until you get to safety!

Lip Balm Space Heater

Are you stuck in your car in freezing temperatures? A candle can raise the temperature a few degrees! Take the cotton string from a tampon and stick it into a tube of lip balm, using a paper clip, for example. The lip balm contains wax, which will make the wick burn steadily for hours! Be sure you keep the plastic tube from catching fire by slowly twisting out the lip balm as the wick burns down.


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