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Jan 24

Detox with Schüssler Salts/Cell Salts

Detox Your Body The days are getting longer again, Spring is on it’s way soon. We tend to eat more fatty foods during winter, have more snacks and maybe a little more alcohol, so it’s time to Detox Your Body and get it back into top shape! The right combination of Schüssler Salts or Cell Salts, support the process and kick …

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Dec 26

Boost Energy with Schüssler Salts/Cell Salts

Boost  Energy with Schüssler Salts/Cell Salts Schüssler Salts/Cell Salts are an excellent source to use, if you want to boost  energy. They bring your muscles, brain and nerves in gear. Take 6 tablets of each of these salts, You can pop them under the tongue or dissolve them in water.     Calcium Phosphoricum  (Schüssler Salt 2) …

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Dec 21

Boost Your Metabolism

Boost Your Metabolism Time to loose weight? Schüssler Salts/Cell Salts can help! The following Salts are the ones to support your efforts. Kalium Chloratum Natrium Chloratum Natrium Phosphoricum Natrium Sulfuricum The salts will help with hunger attacks, help to get rid of fat and boost the metabolism. Take 6 tabs of each cell salt throughout the day. You …

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Jun 10

Schüssler Salts/Cell Salts

Schüssler Salts are also called Cell Salts or Mineral Salts. They help to regulate the balance of Mineral Salts within the  cells of the body. Mineral salts are small constituents of our cells, but nonetheless essential for their functioning. A deficiency or an imbalance of these vital minerals can lead to cell or even organ …

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