XBX: Excercise Plan for Women

Woman ExercisingXBX: Exercise Plan for Women

Here is a plan that is easy to follow, needs no equipment and can be done anywhere at any time, preferably the same time every day.
It was developed for the Women in the Royal Canadian Air Force and you only need 12 minutes a day.
Helen Mirren has been doing them for years now, and she has a great body!

You pick the Chart based upon your age, once you reach your personal target, you only need to do the exercises 3 times a week to maintain your fitness.


1. Pick Your age (let’s say 41-45)
2. Your level is 19 and you will find how often to do each exercise on XBX Chart 2.
3. Go to the XBX Chart 1 and the target to aim for is listed under each exercise, for example, You need to do exercise  1 through 4 for 2 minutes, your goal is to do #1  13 times, #2  14 times, #3  11 times and #4  26 times in those 2 minutes.(30 seconds per exercise) ,#5 for  2 minutes and so on. Stay at this level for at least 5 days.
4. Go to Chart 2 and do the exercises listed there for 7 days.
5. Continue on to Chart 3 and then Chart 4 if your fitness level allows it.

Some of the exercises are the same and some change,like the push ups, so take note of that and check each chart.
Do not move faster than the recommended rate. If you need to stop for longer than 2 weeks, do not pick up where you left off, but start at the beginning again.

Be sure You check with Your Doctor before starting an exercise program!
So give it a shot and let us know how it woks for you!


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XBX Plan Chart

Minutes per Exercise Chart

Minutes per Exercise Chart







Exercises  1-4                                  Exercices 5-8

Exercises  9-10

Supplementary Exercises

These are just the exercises from Chart 1. Please visit the website to get the exercises from Charts 2-3 or leave me a message, and I will get them for You!
Check out the original Pamphlet  from the Royal Canadian Air Force at



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